At SGS – whether each of us speaks a little bit of English or a lot – we are all part of a bilingual community. Your children, our students, are on a journey not only to learn English, but to become bilingual.

As parents what is our role in helping our children become bilingual?

SGS and ASIN are offering, a four-part workshop called Engaging in English. This workshop is designed to support parents in answering this and other questions:

· What are the myths and realities of bilingualism?

· How much do we need to speak English at home?

· How do we become a bilingual family?

· What kinds of activities can we do as a bilingual family?

This workshop, which used to be conducted in face-to-face sessions, is now offered on Teams.

The full workshop series is made up of four sessions:

No. 1 – Introduction / Theory / Myths about Bilingualism

No. 2 – Reading in Bilingual Families

No. 3 – Music in Bilingual Families

No. 4 – Traditions and Cooking in Bilingual Families

To provide scheduling options, we are offering two sections: Thursday evenings or Saturday mornings. Choose the section that best fits your schedule.

Engaging in English is offered by ASIN and SGS.

Facilitator: Annie Dye (Cambridge Coordinator, SGS Musical Producer and SGS bilingual mom!)

All sessions will be conducted live on Teams, in English, and recorded for future viewing.

There is no fee for the workshop.